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Trolley jacks are an important element in any workshop or garage as they allow the user to be able to get underneath a car safely.

Trolley jacks are an important element in any workshop or garage as they allow the user to be able to get underneath a car safely. This then makes it possible for various types of work to be carried out, whilst the car is held securely in place.

There are 4 key features to trolley jacks. First, some of them are low profile. This means that they can be used on cars that have low ground clearance, which particularly important if you plan to work on sport cars. Second, some of them have aluminium chassis, which helps them to be lightweight. This is important for those who want a piece of equipment that is light and easy to move around.

Third, some trolley jacks have a high lift, which as the name suggests, means that they can lift up the car to a greater height. This is also important for cars that have deeper jacking points, allowing you to still be able to lift the car up to work underneath it. Finally, some are engineered with a rocket lift, making it possible to lift up the car with minimal effort.

Best Car Trolley Jacks : Editor’s Choice Best Buy

Sealey 2001Lehv Trolley Jack 2Tonne Low Entry Rocket Lift Hi-Vis Green
  • Features:Twin piston Rocket Lift feature brings saddle to maximum height in just 6 strokes
  • Universal joint release mechanism allows safer, more controlled lowering of jack
  • Profiled lifting arm gives low clearance height of just 74mm making it suitable for sports and custom cars
  • Heavy-duty steel chassis provides stability and endurance
  • Supplied in hi-visibility green for easy location and visual safety

Benefits of Car Trolley Jacks

Car trolley jacks are primarily designed to lift a car above the ground level so that you can get underneath it and carry out essential repair or maintenance work. Having this access at your home workshop or garage will prevent you having to visit a professional garage and give you the security when working on the underside of your car.

Due to the nature of their role, they can help with a range of different repair and maintenance tasks, and so are considered a versatile piece of equipment.

There are several key benefits to using trolley jacks. First, they make it possible to lift the car in a short space of time. This is typically in seconds, meaning that you can get on with any work quickly, without having to waste time waiting for the car to be in the optimum position for it. Second, as well as being quick, they take minimal effort to use. This means that one person can operate the jack without the need of a full time, allowing you to get the work done without having to wait for others. It also means that you can focus on the repair or maintenance task that you are looking to carry out, and not spending your time and energy getting the car in position for it.

Third, is the safety element. The reassurance of a hydraulic trolley jack will give you confidence to go underneath to carry out work. This is because they are much more secure than their alternatives and are designed to keep the car in place for extended periods of time.

Finally, they are portable. This means that they can be taken anywhere, allowing repairs to be carried out on the road if necessary. As well as this, being small and portable means that they can be stored in your garage or workshop easily without taking up too much space.

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