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Garage & Workshop Tool Trolleys Review

A garage and workshop tool service trolley provides you with someone safe yet accessible to store your tools in your workspace. They can be a valuable addition to both a business and personal setting.

Key Features

First, they are typically made from strong durable steel, allowing them to withstand the busy working environment of a garage. Second, they are equipped with wheels, making them easy to move. Third, they are designed to include a side handle making it easy to manoeuvre them. Finally, some are equipped with a tool hanging rack, giving you a space to hang larger tools such as screwdriver or wrench. Storing them in this way also allows easy access to the most used tools in your collection.

Mechanics Tool Trolley : Editor’s Choice Best Buy

HOMCOM 5-Drawer Lockable Steel Tool Storage Cabinet with Wheels Handle 2 Keys Organisation Box Unit Chest Garage DIY Workshop Trolley Black
  • Five-tier storage: Features three small and two big drawers - lots of room for storing and organising your tools, equipment and other hardware for easy access.
  • Four wheels: Allows cabinet to be moved around easily, with a side handle to push and pull. Two wheels can be locked to keep unit safely in place.
  • Steel frame: A solid construction which provides reliable use every day in your garage or workshop. EVA mats: Placed in each drawer, helps absorb oils and stains to prolong the chest's lifespan.
  • Lockable: Keeps all drawers securely closed when you're away. Two keys included.
  • Dimensions: 82.5H x 68L x 33Wcm. Maximum load: Large drawer: 20kg. Small drawer: 10kg. Assembly required.

Benefits of Garage Tool Trolleys

The main use of a garage and workshop tool service trolley is as a place to store your tools. As well as this, using a service trolley will give you the opportunity to organise them too, by placing different types of tools on different shelves or drawers. This can be done in a way that works best for you and will make finding them easier when you are working on a project.

Using a garage and workshop tool service trolley has several benefits. First, it provides you with a space to keep all your tools and equipment together. In doing so, you will save time when completing tasks as you will not need to spend time looking around in separate places for what you need.

Second, it adds a level of protection to your tools. In a busy garage or workshop environment, there can be a lot going on. This means that tools can easily get damaged or broken if they are kept in a small regular toolbox. However, the use of a service trolley mean that they will be protected from damage.

Third, using the service trolley will add to the life of your tools. This is simply because they are kept safe and not lying around worktops.

Finally, you will be able to transport your tools easily due to the trolley having wheels. This is useful in a garage or workshop setting as you are likely going to be working in different areas depending on the task. Being able to transport your tools effortlessly with you will save time and energy.

Benefits of Garage Tool Trolleys

There is a lot of variety when it comes to selecting a tool service trolley. The first is deciding if you want to have drawers or shelves. Opting for drawers will give added protection to tools, but they can be quite shallow so no ideal for larger power tools. On the other hand, using shelves means that you will be able to store bigger items, such as power tools, but does mean they are not stored away like they would be in drawers.

Once you have decided this, then there comes the decision regarding how many shelves or drawers. There is some variety here and will depend on a combination of your needs and budget.

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